V is for Victory

Thanks to your tremendous efforts and generous donations, the crisis has been averted. The victory belongs to you, our users. Your donations bought us enough time to keep our servers humming while we were figuring out what to do. Your technical expertise allowed us to cut some corners and employ clever tricks. Your connections finally allowed us to establish contact with parties that made a long-term solution affordable. Your emails kept us going on extra-long workdays, because we knew that you were counting on us. We hereby wish to thank everybody who extended their help and advice, and would especially like to mention and recommend the following parties:

  • AdvancedHosters for their stellar tech support and for offering great terms for their CDN service
  • SG.GS for their technical expertise and generous bandwidth consumption terms

Also, the following parties readily came to our aid, although our needs did not exactly match their expertise:

  • DaciHost for offering us a powerful dedicated server for free
  • Aba-Soft for designing a custom private cloud solution to help us handle the uncached load
  • Greta.io for offering their ingenious peer-2-peer CDN technology

A special thank you goes to every single one of the 159 people who contributed a total of over $1700 of donations via PayPal. This would not be possible without you.