Upcoming ban of TOR from PostImage

So, a piece of bad news: due to a number of incidents with TOR users uploading really bad images (which, as you imagine, may cause significant damage to PostImage if not dealt with) we have made the tough decision to block all TOR traffic from PostImage.

We do realize that TOR is a great project (also, supporting and donating to projects defending online privacy is not an alien concept to us despite the fact that we earn the bulk of our income with privacy-intruding ad tech like Google AdSense), and that our decision will probably inconvenience a number of good people all over the world. However, after we recently had a couple of close calls any of which could develop into pretty disastrous consequences for PostImage, we’ve come to realize that going belly up would inconvenience a lot more good people.

The ban will not come immediately, but if you use PostImage and need TOR support, please start making arrangements to migrate away from our service. The extent of the ban has not been fully decided yet. At this time, we only plan to block TOR users from uploading new images; viewing images (including those embedded into third-party websites) will still be possible.