Upcoming premium service


It appears our payment gateway decided that they don’t like image hosting sites after processing just a few payments. We unfortunately have to postpone introduction of wide-scale paid plan deployment until we have this figured out, and meanwhile revisit our plans accordingly. Original post follows.


Hello everyone,

After a long period of absence, premium accounts are coming back soon. As much as we want to keep the site completely free for everyone, advertising revenue is just not good enough to cover our costs any longer, so we really need to use other ways to keep the site humming. Plus we do recognize that many users are willing to pay for the service and/or find ads distracting.

Below you can find a layout of terms and features proposed to be available for different service tiers; the italic text in parentheses denotes the current conditions for the same service tiers. Please note that these changes are not carved in stone: this is our best idea on how to evolve PostImage, but your feedback is very much welcome.

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