Hello, World!

Hello everyone,

I think it’s past time since we started blogging on our activities, as there’s much stuff going on. Here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to these past few months:

  • New backup system: We’ve found an affordable solution to back up and store all of the 60Tb of your images in a data center located in a city far enough from our main base of operations, so theoretically PostImage is now more resistant to data loss due to fires, earthquakes and nuclear strikes. Theoretically.
  • New email system: we’ve been receiving numerous complaints that our registration/password retrieval email robot has been slacking off lately so we decided to give Postmark a try. So far so good.yZ35yCOu.png
  • Speed improvements and bugfixes: we’ve completely changed the way we’re handling blocked images and IP addresses, so uploads are now completed much faster. Also, we’ve fixed a couple of problems that have been occasionally annoying people. The worst part is that some of these were initially intended as features, ages ago.
  • Operating system upgrades and disk space expansion: Okay, now this was fun. Some of our servers reached maximum capacity, so we had to juggle tons of files and quickly move databases between them in order to keep the site running. Sometimes this didn’t happen quickly enough, though, and more than once we experienced several hours of downtime for anonymous uploads and for a small part of registered users in one case as well. Also, on one occasion we experienced a hardware failure at the most breathtakingly inconvenient time possible (mere hours before we had planned to decommission the faulty server and to repair it), which led to a total blackout for new uploads. Sorry about that.
    Still, as a result of this ongoing work the site is gradually becoming more stable and faster than ever before, and it also allows us to nearly double our storage capacity over the coming weeks.

We’re also working on a big update to the project, available now at beta.postimage.org, so check it out and let us know what you think.

[ Featured image provided by cliparts.co ]